"What our clients have to say"


Some of our clients wanted to share their Sunflower experiences with you and say why its good to grow with Sunflower Accounts.




"A good accountant is key to any business. From Day 1, Sunflower Accounts has shown a real interest in my business and how we could further develop it into a real success.


Always on hand with sound advice and excellent pro-active suggestions, the service has been highly professional at all times and good value for money. Knowing that Sunflower Accounts will deal with all communications with the HMRC has taken a lot of the stress out of running a business.


I would highly recommend Sunflower Accounts to any business looking for a knowledgeable, forward thinking and diligent accounting service."

Jackie Leftwich BSc MSc AMC MMCA MCC (Animal)

McTimoney Chiropractor


"Choosing an accountant is a big decision, you need someone that you can trust, someone you can confide in and someone who can guide you when making financial decisions. I made the right decision when I chose Steph to be my accountant. She’s great at what she does and as a business owner makes my life easier.

She’s part of the team and I know I can count her to give me honest and genuine advice when needed. I know that my business is in safe hands with her and Sunflower Accounts.

Having a great accountant is vital for any business, the money Steph has saved me and the knowledge she brings is invaluable.



Alison Edgar


The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

Sales Coaching Solutions Ltd




"Steph, at Sunflower Accounts, has been my accountant for many years, I couldn’t be without her!


Sunflower Accounts is excellent in every aspect of accountancy, who have been very patient and understanding with me over the years, have taught me everything I know about Sage and I cannot recommend Sunflower Accounts enough. "



Sarah Matthews

Littleworth Commercials



"Stephanie has been our accountant for a number of years and, when we started up a new company recently, proved invaluable with her advice and expertise. She always responds to queries promptly and is very helpful, considerate and patient. Nothing is too much for her and she has become more of a friend than an (extremely competent) accountant. We look forward to many more years with her and would not hesitate to recommend her services."



Jean Williams

Warwick Landscaping Limited





"I came to Sunflower Accounts as a sole trader a year into 'going it alone'. I'd previously made the classic error of using an accountancy service that hadn't met the grade and had been floundering when it came to the accountancy side of the business. What drew me to Sunflower Accounts was that the senior, professional and experienced accountants you meet with originally, are the ones that look after the day-to-day operations and service your account. Steph has been great at giving me peace of mind. I have complete confidence in her to handle a part of my business that I can't and (to be honest), don't want to handle. She simply guides me through what needs to be done and lays it out in a way I can understand (or mostly understand - my fault, not Steph’s). Since working with Sunflower Accounts, Red Five PR has registered as a Ltd company and grown quickly. I have had the time to be able to do this because I've not been fretting about tax, VAT, Payroll and everything else that comes with professional accountancy. I can concentrate on what I do best and leave them to do what they do best."




Austin Brailey

MD Red Five PR Ltd



"I instantly warmed to Steph when we met at an Enterprise Nation event during January 2016


I can honestly say that working with Sunflower Accounts, has been one of the best business decisions that I have made.


This year, I was able to keep my focus on what I do best, while I left Steph and the team at Sunflower Accounts to do what they do best and I couldn’t be happier.


I am naturally inquisitive and require an understanding of how the accounts prepared. Steph was more than happy to take me through the details and explained in a very clear and easy to understand way, what had been done to the figures I put into Xero.


I cannot recommend Sunflower Accounts highly enough. In addition to removing the worry and stress from my accounts, they have made business suggestions that have resulted in savings and revenue generation. I don’t see a future without them as part of my extended business team and the comfort of knowing that they are just a phone call or email away for any queries is reassuring. "



Chris Gibbs


Pincus Solutions Ltd


"After being with the same accountant for nearly 20 years I knew that a change was on the cards but it was a tough decision to make. It’s easy to stay with what’s familiar even though it doesn’t really serve you anymore. Plus I had a number of issues with my finances that made changing ‘complicated’ (or so I thought).


My business was morphing into something new rather rapidly and I needed something more from my accountant and my accounting methods. I needed flexibility, understanding of cloud-based systems, business advice and a collaborative approach to help me move things forward to where my business needed to be, financially. I needed an Accountant I could trust with my entire business plans not just someone who crunched my returns once a year.


Enter Steph - Steph immediately impressed me. For a start, anyone who calls their accountancy practice ‘Sunflower’ is likely to be refreshingly different. But apart from that, I immediately found her thorough, proactive, professional, up to date, personable, caring, accommodating, delightfully positive & empathetic and yet at the same time brutally honest (for your own good) where it’s needed. I liked that & in many ways I wish I’d met Steph years ago.


Within a few meetings Steph & I worked out the best way forward for ElleRich and its many emerging facets. We have set financial goals & plans for my business, transferred me (seamlessly) onto a cloud based package called Xero, which is awesome, and got me (and I can hardly believe I’m writing this) enjoying reconciling my accounts on a regular basis.


Having your business finances in order gives you the solid foundation you need to grow your business and I have never felt more solid than I do now. For the first time in 20 years I actually feel I understand my accounts and having Steph on hand for minor queries as well as major ones (one of the joys of Xero is she can see my accounts in real time) means nothing ever builds up into a problem or a chore and that’s a huge weight off my mind I can tell you. VAT returns would take the best part of 2 days a quarter BS (Before Steph) - now with Steph and Xero on my side, it’s a 15 minute job (and it only takes that long thanks to the HMRC website!)


In short - I cannot recommend Sunflower Accounts, Steph and Xero enough - they are a rocking combination that everyone should have on their side!!"


Ellen Watts - MD,

ElleRich Ltd


Member of the Association of Chartered

Certified Accountants.


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