Day 4

Sunflower Accounts Placement - Day 4

ACDC - Back in Tax


Well, let’s be honest, you know who I am at this point and that’s perfectly okay; I’m pretty great in my opinion.


Anyway, modesty aside… Today I did XERO training, oh boy, it was certainly something.


I watched all the instructional/educational videos the site had to offer. I completed multiple practice questions and real ones whilst learning all the basics about the main tools and became very familiar with the sites interface, mainly because it has beautiful system architecture.


Even without the videos or somebody showing you the ropes, just have a play on XERO’s demo account for a few hours and I guarantee you’ll be a pro come the end!


However, I highly recommend the videos; they really do assist you in using the software.


Additionally, because I’m borderline addicted to accounting at this point, I finished off the system procedures from the previous day, fine tuning all the information. I have made plenty of notes (which is very important) and plan on writing up a procedure report for sole trader tax return tomorrow.


The procedures are one of the most fun parts of the job, it helps me revise my learning whilst making a guide to help future aspiring accountants learn quicker and avoid mistakes, so it’s a win, win. Lastly, come the very end of yesterday’s shift, Steph (Company director) and I recorded some fun, informative videos for clients to watch and understand what we do at Sunflower Accounts alongside knowing where the current head office is and what to do once you get there!


I can safely say with each day being more exciting than the last, I really can’t wait for tomorrow!


Bye for now, your favourite blogger.






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