Day 3

Sunflower Accounts Placement - Day 3

The Darkness - I believe in a thing called tax


Surprise! It’s me again, your favourite blogger!


Well, what can I say?


After an eventful first 2 days, day 3 has challenged me even more.


I had to write up an income and expenditure report for a client’s personal tax return and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you have to check everything!


A calculator will become your best friend when working on inputting information into a system; everything has to be the same as on paper alongside being accurate. You constantly have to add up the numbers and make sure the totals correlate between what you’ve got on your screen and what’s on the paper.


Additionally, I have learned that having one comparative from the previous tax year is not only necessary but it is crucial in making sure that you have a solid reference for the client and yourself to compare the numbers too.


Never assume anything because if you assume, it makes an ass-(out of)-u-(and) me.


It’s quite difficult to write an abbreviation joke but if you get it, then congrats and if you don’t get it, then congrats anyway.


You deserve some gratitude because not only are you my favourite reader embarking on this number filled, accounting exploration with me. You’re my favourite reader ever (Imaginary “Aww!” sound effect), Thank you very much random voice over but hopefully, I’ll someday be a businesses’ favourite accountant.


So as of the 6th of June, I thank you for reading and as of the 7th of June, next time, I’m hoping these random sound effects stop speaking in my head; I’m trying to work here! Bye for now, your favourite blogger.





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