Day 2

Sunflower Accounts Placement - Day 2

Tears for Fears - Sewing the Seeds of Tax


Hey Reader, your favourite blogger here, once again. Now thankfully, my brain isn’t literal stew yet, although the workload sure is keeping me on my toes as I have mastered the artful ratio of spending 10% of my time genuinely confused and 90% of the time looking confused. It’s a real skill to be honest.


Today, at my desk, I have learned all about P60’s and it has adamantly re-enforced one idea: TAXES ARE IMPORTANT!


So now I know how vital they are to the body of accounting as a whole, I have worked on practicing how put information from a P60 into Digita to start building personal Tax Returns.


Using Digita, it is surprisingly straight forward, just need to know your client and their business. Once you know when they became a director of the company, you’re essentially away. Tax returns may sound scary but if there is one thing I’ve noticed, once you’ve done one, within reason, guess what, reader? That’s right, you’ve done them all. Just need to revise and practice your skill and BOOM, you’re good to go.


Although, I recently found out the fundamental rule of utmost importance in accounting, which is taking your time and approaching tasks in a structured, methodical way.


Don’t be hasty.


If you focus on building up speed then it’s a downside because you’ll just be experienced at speedily doing tasks wrong and incorrect tasks can cost you and the client serious money so stay focused, keep calm and carry on accounting…


Or don’t; I’m not the boss of you.




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